1. The competition is open to all except individuals employed by S4C, Tinint (the Company), their families and other companies associated with the competition. The Company and S4C reserve the right to request written proof of the age of any winner.

2. All entrants must be 18 years of age or older to enter. The company and S4C reserve the right to request written proof of the age of any winner.

3. To enter, you must register before 19:00 on Friday 15/10/21 at www.herffilmfer.com / www.herffilmfer.cymru and tick the relevant box to accept these conditions. You will have 48 hours to produce and to enter a short film in accordance with the guidelines on the website.

4. The final details of the competition will be shared after registration closes at 19:00 on the 15th of October, 2021.

5. You are not permitted to use music or commercial images or any other material you do not own.

6. If language is used within a submission, the video needs to be predominantly Welsh Language to qualify for the competition.

7. Each film must be a maximum of 5 minutes in duration.

8. Each competitor must conform with Welsh Government Covid 19 guidelines and restrictions when producing all elements of your short film.

9. It's the responsibility of each competitor to ensure that you prepare a thorough health and safety assessment prior to filming and adhere to this throughout the challenge.

10. You can compete individually or as a crew as far as possible under the Welsh Government's Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions.

11. The cash prize is £1,000. We will contact the winner to arrange payment. The money will be paid to the person identified as the contact in the application. Neither the Company nor S4C are responsible for allocating the funds between crew members.

12. The competition will start at 19:00 on Friday 15/10/21 and close at 19:00 on the 17th of October, 2021.

13. The decision of the Company and S4C is final.

14. The Company will retain competitors' personal data for a reasonable period after the competition in order to administer the competition and deal with any queries.

15. The Company will process any personal data in accordance with the privacy policy published at https://www.tinopolis.com/privacy-notice/. S4C will process any personal data in accordance with the policy published at http://www.s4c.cymru/en/about-this-site/page/16717/privacy-policy/

16. The Company and / or S4C reserve the right to disqualify any applicant if it has reasonable grounds to believe that the applicant has breached any of these rules.

17. Neither the Company nor S4C shall be responsible for any error, omission, disruption, deletion, defect or delay in any communication method used by applicants, or for applications not received by the closing date. Proof that a film has been submitted does not constitute proof of receipt.

18. The Company and/or S4C reserve the right to amend these rules or to cancel, modify or revise the competition at any time as a result of events beyond their control, or to ensure that the competition is conducted in accordance with the relevant laws and guidelines.

19. These terms and conditions apply in accordance with the law of England and Wales.

20. Any questions about the Competition should be directed to the TININT team: herffilmfer@tinint.com or S4C Viewers Hotline: 0370 600 414.


By signing these conditions, you are:


• Giving unrestricted permission to the Company and S4C to use your film and / or clips of it in any media and without further payment to the competitor, contributor or third party. This right includes, but is not limited to, use of the film and / or clips of it on social media, on S4C's television channel, and on any and all websites under the control of S4C.

• The copyright in the film rests with the applicant.

• Confirming that nothing in the attempt / applicant violates any third party intellectual property, privacy or other rights, and does not include anything that is libellous, defamatory, obscene, obscene, harassing or threatening.

• Agreeing that if you win, the Company and S4C may use the winner's name and profile picture for the purposes of promoting the competition in any medium.